Adler and Russo
Cherry Hill Town Council

The Change Cherry Hill Needs

Our Cherry Hill Promise

Cherry Hill roads have been crumbling from years of neglect!
Join us in transforming the worn-out Cherry Hill roads into smooth, safe, and well-maintained streets that every neighborhood can be proud of. No longer will our families endure the jolts and rattles of driving over potholes and bumps. Let's partner to bring on change. Our town deserves nothing but the best.

Our commitment to the Cherry Hill community is one of complete transparency and accountability in all financial matters. We promise to manage tax dollars carefully and with integrity, always considering the impact on our hard-working neighbors. We will propose that a third-party auditor review the township's financial records, with a focus on eliminating waste and decreasing taxes for everyone.

Together with the police chief, our focus will be on tackling and minimizing crime within our town by providing pertinent crime reporting to our community and creating safer neighborhoods.

Together, we can do it.

Join our team and be a part of the movement, through door knocking, calling, and more.

The candidates

Anna Adler

As the Executive Director and Owner, I have successfully established and expanded a company based in New Jersey in just three and a half years. We began with a small clientele base of twenty individuals, but now our services are utilized by over one thousand clients. In addition, I have created job opportunities for more than 1200 people within my company. I have lived in Cherry Hill since I was thirteen and benefited greatly from its exceptional education system. I value and embrace the diverse community in Cherry Hill, as it allows for the exchange of unique perspective

Judi Giacobani-Russo

I have lived in Cherry Hill for over six decades and am proud to call it my hometown. Growing up, I attended the local schools, eventually bought a house, and settled here, where I raised a family in the close-knit community of Kingston. For thirty years, I managed the largest spay and neuter clinic. Since 2015, I have been working at the Blackwood Animal Hospital. I oversee a team of four doctors and ten support staff members in this role, ensuring the daily operations run smoothly. Building on my experience in management and previous campaigns for council, I bring valuable skills to the table. My commitment is to listen to the concerns of residents and work toward finding practical solutions that benefit our entire community. It would be an honor to serve as your representative on the Cherry Hill Council.

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Adler and Russo
Cherry Hill Town Council

For the past forty years, the Democratic Party has held exclusive control of the leadership in Cherry Hill. For the past ten years, the Cherry Hill mayor and town council have operated under the watchful eye of Camden County Democrats. Single-party rule and the Democratic Party's long-standing dominance in Cherry Hill governance is a recipe for mismanagement, waste and cronyism. It’s time to break the stranglehold!

This election cycle, WATCH OUT!

This November, get ready for a political upheaval driven by two strong, successful, Republican women - Anna Adler and Judi Russo.
As longtime residents of Cherry Hill, they are determined to shake up the status quo and restore Cherry Hill to its former glory.

Brace yourself for the end of the one-party rule.

Isn’t change long overdue in Cherry Hill?
Anna Adler and Judi Russo
The Change Cherry Hill Needs!