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The residents of Cherry Hill are expressing concern over the rise in crime within their community. Is there a plan in place to address this issue? Are our police officers fully staffed, equipped with the necessary resources, and fairly compensated?

Furthermore, what is the current rate of crime in our neighborhoods, and how has it trended over the past five years? Many community members have reported solicitors approaching their homes, unannounced and without proper identification. Additionally, we would like to know if police officers are regularly present in our school buildings for added safety and security.

We will push for a project from our police department promoting transparency and accuracy in reporting, posted and fully available to the public.

Citizens' Forum

Welcome to the Cherry Hill Citizens' Forum, a monthly event designed to bring together leaders from different departments in our township. The mayor, superintendent of schools, chief of police, zoning head, planning director, tax collector, and Twp financial officer will all be present to listen and respond to community questions and concerns. The main purpose of this event is to allow community members to ask questions and voice their concerns. This forum provides an opportunity for leaders to address cross-departmental issues and understand the challenges facing our community as a whole. All topics related to Cherry Hill are welcome for discussion during these meetings.


Calling all residents!

What are the worst roads in Cherry Hill? We are eager to gather your input, and we will move those streets to the top of the list for repaving.

Our town’s roads are riddled with potholes, cracks, and other imperfections. The current mayor just announced a major road repaving project RIGHT BEFORE THE ELECTION! This should be going on year-round.

We promise to prioritize improvements to pipes, drainage systems, and the overall infrastructure as a year-round operation. To help address this issue, we will provide accessible and user-friendly websites outlining repair schedules and providing advance notice for maintenance projects on specific roads.

Financial Transparency

Open the books!

With all of the commerce in town, our taxes should be much lower. We will propose a top to bottom audit of the township books by an independent auditor.

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