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Dedicated to Bridgewater Township and its taxpayers advocating for you to keep Bridgewater as the lowest municipal tax in the County, preserving your quality of life, demanding fiscally responsible road improvements, and prioritizing your safety.

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Filipe Pedroso has lived in Bridgewater for over 46 years. He loves Bridgewater Township.

Like him, you probably live here because Bridgewater has an exceptional quality of life. Over the past 22 years while he served you both on the Zoning Board and Council, has has placed that quality of life as the bedrock of all his decisions.

Bridgewater is an amazing place to live because Councilman Pedroso has prioritized fiscally conservative budgets, supported our law enforcement, voted to acquire hundreds of acres of open space, maintained sound zoning controls, and invested in our infrastructure.


Protecting our quality of life

Continuous Bridgewater resident since 1978, attended grade school through high school in Bridgewater, and lived in 8 different addresses. Married and raising 4 children in Bridgewater. Served on town's zoning board for 10 years, and Council for over 12 years, he understands what it takes to protect Bridgewater's character and quality of life.

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The candidate

Filipe Pedroso

“I want to continue to advocate for fiscally conservative budgets, fight for our quality of life, maintain our safety with the services of our police department, protect the character of our neighborhoods, provide adequate funding to repair our roads and keep Bridgewater a place we all want to call home for years to come.”

– Filipe Pedroso

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Filipe Pedroso

Filipe Pedroso shared why he was running for re-election to the Bridgewater Township Council in 2021.”The main issues on the Council are public safety, protecting our quality of life, road and infrastructure improvements, and municipal taxes. These are the bedrock issues of municipal government."

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Efficient, conservative budgets

No local government representative has a better record of voting for fiscally conservative budgets than Councilman Pedroso

Under the fiscal watch of the Filipe Pedroso, Bridgewater has experienced a basically flat-tax situation, with several years of a downward trend. Although the residential municipal tax has remained stable, the Township has been able to increase its police, recreation and other essential services' budgets.

Councilman Pedroso was the longest serving member of the Budget-Finance Committee, having served this 2-person group for the majority of his years on the Council. Through unwavering vigilant fiscal conservative principles, Councilman Pedroso has been able to push for efficient, effective and fiscally conservative budgets – preventing unnecessary tax increases.

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