Republican Leadership for Bridgewater


Efficient, conservative budgets

Since 2017, the Bridgewater Council budgets have produced the lowest municipal tax rate in Somerset County.Under the fiscal watch of Councilman Pedroso, Bridgewater continues that recogntion. Although the residential municipal tax-rate has remained stable, the Township has been able to increase its police, recreation and other essential services' budgets.Through unwavering vigilant fiscal conservative principles, Councilman Pedroso continues to push for the adoption of efficient, effective and fiscally conservative budgets – fighting unnecessary tax increases. Pedroso is doing his part to keep more money in your bank account!

Fixing our roads

Councilman Pedroso was a participant in developing and approving the Township's Five Year Comprehensive Road Repair Plan. Over the past 12-years, Pedroso has advocated for more road repairs. With Mayor Moench who shares in the priority, the road repair budget was increased while maintaining a flat municipal tax-rate. Consistent with the goal of improving and increasing government transparency, a website was established to provide important road data to residents including a road quality map, lists of road projects, road closure alerts, and more. Residents can access this information at Bridgewater’s website. Pedroso continues to do his part to keep Bridgewater amazing!

Prioritizing our safety

Bridgewater was listed by Safewise as one of New Jersey's safest town, according to the Bridgewater Patch.Supporting our police department, both in resources and words, has been a priority for Councilman Pedroso. Although Bridgewater has maintained its status as the lowest municipal tax in Somerset County, the police budget has increased over the years to make sure that the department is staffed with the officers and equipment it needs.Councilman Pedroso supported the addition of school resource police officers to safeguard and protect the Township's children. Pedroso will continue to make sure that our Township is properly serviced by the police it needs.The safety of our community is our number one priority!

Protecting our quality of life

For over 12 years, Filipe Pedroso has effectively worked with other council members to protect Bridgewater's quality of life, prevent unnecessary municipal taxes, support our law enforcement, oppose overdevelopment, provide essential services, and maintain our infrastructure.The leadership provided by Councilman Pedroso has produced proven results. Money magazine listed Bridgewater as one of the TOP 50 BEST places to live in America.During the tenure of Pedroso, Bridgewater has acquired hundreds of acres of open space, used smart zoning policies to control overdevelopment, and invested heavily in our infrastructure.Resulting in Money magazine saying what we already knew, Bridgewater is one of America's best places to live.

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