We are political junkies.

Like you.


VoterMaker is a USA based company and we only hire USA employees. Like you, we are political junkies. We dig this stuff. Really.

Winning is important. It's why we are here. Our founder and CEO realized that most campaigns are not maximizing their messaging and then the delivery of that messaging. Successful campaigns have 3 factors. A great candidate. A connective message. And the successful delivery of that message.

There's only one thing we can't control: A great candidate.... but we sure know how to provide you with the tools to deliver an awesome message that connects with your voters. With VoterMaker, you can deliver that message using the most efficient, cost-effective, and accurate delivery methods on the planet.

Want to win?

Connect with us. We love to win. Let the VoterMaker team help you succeed. VoterMaker can help your campaign deliver messaging effectively to your voter base - so you can win.

We can't wait to start. Contact us so that we can help you start using VoterMaker today!

The founder and CEO

Filipe Pedroso, Esq., founder and CEO of VoterMaker, is a seasoned business entrepreneur, inventor and campaigner.

Mr. Pedroso has been involved in politics for over thirty years. He has also been elected and re-elected four times. Mr. Pedroso has been involved in municipal, county, state and Federal campaigns, and understands what it takes to win.

In 2023, Mr. Pedroso received a patent from the USPTO, and is the inventor of social ecommerce.

Mr. Pedroso has applied all his decades of campaign knowledge, and an innovative spirit, to create a comprehensive software solution that delivers a campaign management and message delivery solution that helps you reach maximum success.

VoterMaker is already the most comprehensive voter management and contact solution on the planet.

Your success is our success. Contact us today to learn how VoterMaker can help you win!