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Only VoterMaker provides AI IntelliText™.

Send unique AI customized messages to each voter. Amazingly connective.

What is IntelliText?

VoterMaker innovated political texting using artificial intelligence (AI) so that each voter gets a unique, customized, AI-generated text message that is carefully crafted using VoterMaker's AI and algorithms. Using the voter's demographical data, gathered from voter history, consumer data, and integrated data sources, VoterMaker's IntelliText™ can provide each voter a message that is aligned with your campaign's platform and the unique voter personality.

During the 2023 fall election, VoterMaker executed the world's first 100% AI generated political text message where every voter received a customized, unique message tailored to the individual – sent to nearly one hundred thousand voters in a large New Jersey state assembly race. The results were amazing.

IntelliText™ is available for you to use now. It's an incredible tool that is surely to give you the edge for maximum results.

Texting that is better, easier, auto integrated, and... cheaper!

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Uniquely powerful integration

Only VoterMaker provides all the campaign tools you need in one place.

While there are other providers that do texting, and a different company that may provide robocalling, and a different service that can do your events, and others for different things, only VoterMaker lets you do it all in one place. That means your data from all your voter touches in powerful connected and can be seamlessly used for analytics and execution through various communication channels. 

For example, let's say your campaign is doing some canvassing this weekend. The team breaks up into small groups to go door-to-door. The progress and feedback data is tracked by VoterMaker. But with VoterMaker, you can execute a text message to those voters that the team spoke with, saying how nice it was to chat; and send a different message to those voters that weren't home, saying how sorry you were to miss them but here's some info. This integration from canvassing to text messaging is only available on VoterMaker.

That's just one example. This seamless integration between all VoterMaker features is seamlessly built-in and easy to use. Here's another example: Your team just made a a bunch of phone calls this weekend, why not follow-up with a text message to those who expressed support with a fundraising request. Or, identify donors and execute a call bank to reach out for a donation. Easy peasy on VoterMaker. The data is all in one place, and so going from one communication channel to the other, and using the data for maximum use, is easy, fast and incredible powerful.

is packed with everything a campaign needs to reach voters quickly and economically. Keeping you in control.


Multi-media messages with images and videos and up to 1,500 characters.


A cheaper delivery option, SMS are great for quick and short messages.


Set up a text message to a select group of voters in minutes.

P2P. Manual.

Have your team send fully compliant texting using a manual peer-to-peer texting option.

P2P. VoterMaker.

Worry-free, have VoterMaker execute for you 100%  P2P compliant texting.


Use the automatic feature for complaint opt-in contacts for fast delivery.


Conduct surveys or polls through text messages to get quick feedback or sway opinion.


Use texting to engage voters prior to election day to share important info effectively.


Use VoterMaker's data management and analytics to send out specific texting to get-out-the-vote.


Track all your voter touches including SMS and MMS automatically for better management.


Use built-in fundraising tools and free link to send fundraising text messages.


VoterMaker's included event planner allows you to send invites and tickets through texts.

Texting is the most effective (and cheapest) way to reach voters

Campaign messages delivered and read 95% of the time

Create events, text invites and text QR tickets

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EZ scan.

Fast and easy check-in.

The campaign team can scan tickets using any smartphone or tablet.

No cost.

No extra equipment needed.

You can start using the event features right now, with what you already have.

Data management and analytics are at the center of everything.


Gather data about your voters thru the entire process, and use the analytics to create voter lists based on demographics, data analytics and more.


The entire event process is easy, fast and seamless, with data managed and integrated throughout the VoterMaker experience.


VoterMaker's texting tools are part of a conglomerate of built-in services and features, cross-linked for powerful data gathering, analysis and execution.

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VoterMaker is already the most comprehensive campaign management and voter connection powerhouse on the planet.

What is VoterMaker?

A comprehensive solution for effective voter data management, campaign organization, messaging voters and effective delivery of messages through text messages, phone calls, literature drops (canvassing), robocalls and more. Successful elections have powerful, connective MESSAGING, combined with effective, comprehensive DELIVERY. VoterMaker facilitates the message delivery process, organizes your campaign, includes powerful data analytics, and provides  the thorough and successful tools every campaign needs to reach the voters – and win!

"You now have the tools to win with VoterMaker. So what are you waiting for?"

Jesse O. Kurtz

Atlantic City Councilman

The tools you need to win.

Get started with all the features you need to reach voters effectively, economically and efficiently.

Free, fast & easy website

Create a beautiful and fully functional website in minutes... and for FREE! Simply fill out a few fields with your campaign info and candidates' bios, and you'll have an amazing website up and running in no time.

Get volunteer signups & build a supporters' database

With the built-in signup forms, you can instantly start getting much-needed volunteers to signup to your campaign. And the quick email signup makes it easy for anyone browsing your campaign site to signup for more info, your newsletter, or future events.

Start fundraising today!

VoterMaker makes it incredibly easy for your campaign to start accepting electronic donations. The website can have fundraising incorporated into the site experience, and you also get a custom fundraising link to use in text messaging, emails, and however you want.

Innovative solutions.

VoterMaker is ready to provide your campaign the winning tools it needs to win.