Stories and news about VoterMaker

Get Your Free Campaign Website Today with VoterMaker's Upgraded EZ-Up™ Website Builder

June 27, 2024

The Ultimate Political Canvassing Tool: VoterMaker's Canvass Compass

June 11, 2024

VoterMaker's Sign Atlas: Maximizing the Power of Yard Signs in Political Campaigns

May 24, 2024

10DLC Registration required for effective text delivery

April 30, 2024

Elected Officials Prohibited from Censoring Social Media: Supreme Court Ruling

March 17, 2024

PODCAST: VoterMaker CEO speaks to PR guru Dan Cirucci about how VoterMaker is revolutionizing and innovating political campaigns

February 1, 2024

10DLC Registration and Toll-Free Number Registration are now a must for political campaigns’ text message delivery success

December 18, 2023

A world-first from VoterMaker:
AI IntelliText™ political text messages auto-customized to specific voters

October 26, 2023

VoterMaker adds AI to Empower Political Campaigns with Cutting-Edge Technology

October 18, 2023

Voter data now available on VoterMaker website for anyone: Easy, fast & economical

October 16, 2023

VoterMaker Launches Affordable and Easy Basic Service Option for Political Campaigns

October 10, 2023

VoterMaker: Revolutionizing Absentee Voting and Reshaping Campaign Strategies

September 27, 2023

New filter options, introducing Quick Text, and fundraising improvements

September 19, 2023

VoterMaker Partners with L2 to Enhance Voter Data Management

September 13, 2023

Streamline Your Events with VoterMaker: Powerful Features for Efficient Event Management

June 22, 2023

Introducing VoterMaker: The Ultimate Campaign Management and Voter Connection Powerhouse

June 19, 2023