Free event planning. Tickets. RSVP. Tracking and guest management.

Free, means free. Really.


is packed with everything a campaign needs to reach voters quickly and economically. Keeping you in control.

Run your events professionally and efficiently.



Setup an event and invite guests using quick and easy text message delivery.


RSVP'ing is easy and fast - You know who clicked your invite & who's going.

Text message invites link to a beautiful event RSVP page.


Easy to setup and easy to respond. Your guests will appreciate how easy it is.


Guests can easily be informed, and then select their donation level and RSVP instantly.

Event tickets are automatically delivered right after the RSVP.


Automatically generate event tickets with info and QR code.

QR Scan.

QR code makes event check-in easy and fast, while gathering data.

Ticket entry processing is easy, fast and free.

EZ scan.

Fast and easy check-in.

The campaign team can scan tickets using any smartphone or tablet.

No cost.

No extra equipment needed.

You can start using the event features right now, with what you already have.

Data management and analytics is at the center of everything.


Gather data about your guest thru the entire process, including clicks, RSVP, donations, events attended, arrival times, and more.


When donors purchase multiple tickets and bring guests, the sign-in is easy and automatically adds to your future invitees.


The entire event process is easy, fast and seamless, with data managed and integrated throughout the VoterMaker experience.


VoterMaker's event planning tools are part of a conglomerate of built-in services and features, cross-linked for powerful data gathering, analysis and execution.

There are many more event management features within VoterMaker that are not included in this page. Contact VoterMaker today for a free demo.

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VoterMaker is already the most comprehensive campaign management and voter connection powerhouse on the planet.

What is VoterMaker?

A comprehensive solution for effective voter data management, campaign organization, messaging voters and effective delivery of messages through text messages, phone calls, literature drops (canvassing), robocalls and more. Successful elections have powerful, connective MESSAGING, combined with effective, comprehensive DELIVERY. VoterMaker facilitates the message delivery process, organizes your campaign, includes powerful data analytics, and provides  the thorough and successful tools every campaign needs to reach the voters – and win!

"You now have the tools to win with VoterMaker. So what are you waiting for?"

Jesse O. Kurtz

Atlantic City Councilman

The tools you need to win.

Get started with all the features you need to reach voters effectively, economically and efficiently.

Free, fast & easy website

Create a beautiful and fully functional website in minutes... and for FREE! Simply fill out a few fields with your campaign info and candidates' bios, and you'll have an amazing website up and running in no time.

Get volunteer signups & build a supporters' database

With the built-in signup forms, you can instantly start getting much-needed volunteers to signup to your campaign. And the quick email signup makes it easy for anyone browsing your campaign site to signup for more info, your newsletter, or future events.

Start fundraising today!

VoterMaker makes it incredibly easy for your campaign to start accepting electronic donations. The website can have fundraising incorporated into the site experience, and you also get a custom fundraising link to use in text messaging, emails, and however you want.

Innovative solutions.

VoterMaker is ready to provide your campaign the winning tools it needs to win.