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VoterMaker's Revolutionary Sign Atlas Feature: Maximizing the Power of Yard Signs in Political Campaigns

An innovative solution for managing lawn sign logistics and effective execution

by VoterMakerMay 24, 2024

Political campaigns are intricate endeavors, weaving together multiple strategies to capture the attention and support of voters. Among these strategies, yard signs (also referred to as lawn signs) hold a unique place. They serve as a visible endorsement, a grassroots-level marketing tool that can boost candidate recognition and convey widespread support. Understanding and managing the deployment of lawn signs effectively can significantly enhance a campaign’s visibility and perceived momentum. Recognizing this, VoterMaker has introduced Sign Atlas™, a groundbreaking feature designed to revolutionize yard sign management within political campaigns.

The Role of Yard Signs in Political Campaigns

Yard signs are more than just decorative elements on lawns; they are powerful tools in the arsenal of political campaigns. Here’s why they matter:

  1. Visibility and Name Recognition: Yard signs increase the visibility of a candidate’s name and logo, reinforcing recognition among voters.
  2. Psychological Impact: Seeing a lawn sign in a neighbor’s yard can create a bandwagon effect, suggesting that the candidate has broad support.
  3. Local Presence: Yard signs demonstrate a candidate’s presence in the community, indicating active grassroots support.
  4. Swinging Close Elections: Yard signs can be critical in tightly contested races. A scholarly study published in 2016, led by Donald Green of Columbia University, examined their effectiveness. The study, which involved four different campaigns across 376 voting precincts in Pennsylvania, New York, and Virginia, concluded that lawn signs can increase voter share by an average of 1.7 percentage points. This finding puts lawn signs on par with other low-tech campaign tactics, such as direct mail, which also generate small but reliable persuasion effects. Since many elections are decided by small margins, yard signs may be a required part of the advertising arsenal. Political campaign marketing and outreach involve a conglomerate of methods – calling, canvassing, texting, lawn signs, and more – that together, piece by piece, increase the margins in favor to result in a winning election.

Despite their importance, managing lawn signs can be a logistical challenge. This is where VoterMaker’s Sign Atlas comes into play.

Introducing VoterMaker's Sign Atlas™

VoterMaker, renowned for being the most comprehensive campaign management and voter connection web-based solution, has launched Sign Atlas™, an innovative feature to streamline and optimize yard sign management for political campaigns. This new addition, offered at no extra charge, integrates seamlessly with VoterMaker’s suite of campaign tools.

Key Features of Sign Atlas:

  • Effortless Management: Sign Atlas simplifies the process of managing yard sign placements. Campaign staff can easily document where signs are placed, track installations, and monitor the status of each sign.
  • Opposition Tracking: Gather information on where opponents have placed their signs, providing strategic insights for competitive positioning.
  • Real-Time Updates: During canvassing or phone calls, volunteers can quickly ascertain whether a voter wants a lawn sign and update the system in real-time.
  • Multiple Data Entry Methods: Data can be added in various ways—uploading voter lists, manually entering data, using a web form, or integrating directly through canvassing and calling features. This flexibility ensures comprehensive data capture.

The Integrated Advantage

“Since VoterMaker’s unique campaign platform provides an integrated solution with various campaign tools such as text messaging, robocalling, call banking, canvassing, website builder, fundraising, and more, VoterMaker has been able to implement a powerful yard sign management tool that is cross-integrated into various other components,” said Filipe Pedroso, founder and CEO of VoterMaker. This integration ensures that lawn sign data is not siloed but is part of the broader campaign strategy.

Seamless Workflow: “Adding yard sign data using Sign Atlas is super easy and intuitive. Campaign team members while walking a neighborhood or placing telephone calls can seamlessly add a voter to the lawn sign list so that team management can then execute on distribution and placement,” Pedroso explained.

Enhancing Campaign Efficiency

With Sign Atlas, political campaigns can now manage their lawn signs with unprecedented efficiency. The feature’s integration into VoterMaker’s robust platform means that campaigns can synchronize yard sign management with other voter outreach efforts. This synchronized approach enhances overall campaign effectiveness, ensuring that every “voter touch” is accounted for and optimized.

A Strategic Perspective: “Political campaigns are actually complex branding and marketing campaigns, involving an effective message that is delivered effectively through successful omnichannel management,” Pedroso emphasized. “VoterMaker gives political campaigns the edge by managing and tracking ‘voter touches’ through the most common and effective methods. Now, with lawn sign management, VoterMaker is even better.”


In the dynamic and competitive world of political campaigning, every tool and strategy counts. Yard signs, with their ability to enhance visibility and create a sense of community support, remain a crucial component of campaign strategy. With the introduction of Sign Atlas™, VoterMaker has set a new standard in yard sign management, providing campaigns with a powerful, integrated tool to enhance their grassroots efforts.

By leveraging Sign Atlas, campaigns can ensure that their lawn sign strategy is not just about placement but about precision, efficiency, and integration with the broader campaign goals. As Filipe Pedroso aptly put it, “To deliver an effective message, campaigns need to understand the various formats to reach the voter. Texting, calling, door knocking, mailing literature, and yard signs all need a tactical approach, and effectively keeping track of the voter touches. So VoterMaker was created to give political campaigns an edge by having a bird’s-eye view over their entire campaign, know exactly who is getting touched, and who is not. And delivering a message has never been easier and faster.”

In summary, VoterMaker’s Sign Atlas™ is not just a feature; it’s a game-changer for political campaigns, ensuring that every yard sign placed is a strategic move toward victory.

Sign Atlas is one of the many included features within VoterMaker – all the tools to win elections. Get started today at

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