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by VoterMakerJune 27, 2024

VoterMaker is thrilled to announce the launch of our upgraded website builder, now named EZ-Up™ Web. This innovative tool is designed to streamline the process of creating campaign websites, making it easier, faster, and more efficient than ever before. Our new website builder is packed with features that allow you to create a beautiful, full-featured website in minutes, giving you more time to focus on your campaign.

"A campaign website is a must in today’s digital world, but many campaigns lack the technological expertise to navigate the complexities of webpage creation, the time to master complicated software, and the budget for expensive web development," said Filipe Pedroso, founder and CEO of VoterMaker. "With the EZ-Up Web website builder, anyone can simply input some data into a few entry boxes, upload a couple of pictures, maybe add a video link or two, and that's it. A beautiful, comprehensive, and professional campaign webpage is available online in minutes. It’s incredibly easy, requires no learning curve, and is included for free in most VoterMaker packages."

Key Features of EZ-Up™ Web website builder

Effortless Setup: Say goodbye to templates and drag-and-drop hassles. Simply enter a few words into the designated entry areas, upload images, link videos, and voilà! Your website is ready.

Auto SEO: Our built-in automatic search engine optimization takes care of all the complexities for you. Your website's sitemap is updated daily, keywords are automatically added, and everything you need for maximum exposure is handled seamlessly.

Real-Time Analytics: Track all your incoming traffic with VoterMaker's real-time analytics. Get detailed insights on every page of your site, allowing you to understand your website's reach and effectiveness.

Beautiful and Customizable: Create a stunning, professional website with multiple pages, customizable news sections, social media posts, and articles. Impress your voters with depth and quality of information.

Fundraising Integration: Integrated contact forms make it easy to gather volunteer sign-ups and other campaign contacts. Our seamless fundraising tools include donation links and pages, making it simple to raise funds directly through your website.

Free Domain: VoterMaker provides a free subdomain, ensuring you don't have to spend extra on a domain name. Truly fast and free website creation.

Why Choose VoterMaker's EZ-Up™ Website Builder?

Choosing VoterMaker's EZ-Up™ Web website builder means embracing ease, speed, and completeness. From start to finish, creating your campaign website is incredibly easy. You only need to add your text and images, and your website is ready. The process is fast; you can get your campaign website up and running in minutes. Add a few words, upload a couple of pictures, and click the ON button.

"VoterMaker’s goal is to provide a complete set of tools to the campaign that are complete, powerful, and super easy to use," added Pedroso. "EZ-Up Web website builder makes it extremely simple for any campaign to have a web presence. Any campaign, no matter how big or small, can have a fully functioning, thorough, and beautiful webpage up and running in no time. I am thrilled to provide this important tool to campaigns so that they can share their campaign messaging with more voters through the internet."

Your website is also complete with several pre-built pages, including a home page, candidate pages, media pages, and more. Quick email and volunteer signups, along with integrated fundraising, ensure your campaign has everything it needs. The built-in analytics tools let you monitor your website's traffic, so you always know if your outreach is effective. Collecting email addresses and volunteer signups is easy, and all the data is viewable and downloadable to maximize your campaign's engagement. Plus, you can integrate your website and fundraising links into your text campaigns executed through VoterMaker for fast message delivery and fundraising.

"This is a real, full, and gorgeous campaign website. And there’s no easier way to create and manage a campaign website than by using VoterMaker’s EZ-Up Web website builder," stated Pedroso.

    EZ-Up Web™ website builder is one of the many included features within VoterMaker – all the tools to win elections. Get started today at

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    VoterMaker, a USA-based company founded and led by Filipe Pedroso, Esq., offers the world’s most comprehensive solution for effective voter data management, campaign organization, and voter messaging. With a focus on connective messaging and successful message delivery, VoterMaker equips campaigns with powerful tools for raising funds, organizing campaigns, delivering effective messages, and engaging voters. As the most complete voter management and contact solution available, VoterMaker's platform integrates data analytics, cost-effective delivery methods, and innovative technology to optimize campaign operations and increase the chances of success.

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