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Key features of EZ-Up Web website builder

Only VoterMaker provides all the campaign tools you need in one place.

Effortless: No templates to mess around with with drop-drag and headaches. You simply enter a few words into the designated entry areas, upload a couple images, maybe link a video or two, and voilá! Webpage built.

Auto SEO: Stop bothering with wasted time trying to get understand the complexities of search-engine-optimization. VoterMaker's EZ-Up™ Web does it all for you, automatically. Your web's site map is updated daily, keywords auto added to the page, and everything you need for maximum exposure.

Real-time analytics: VoterMaker's EZ-Up™ Web keeps track of all your incoming traffic, so you know precisely how many people are checking you out. Analytics are provided for every page on your site, giving you powerful tools to know your webpages' traffic.

Beautiful and customizable: Your professional webpage is up and running in no time, and it is absolutely gorgeous and professional. With multiple pages, your voters will be impressed with the depth of information. Easily add news, social media posts, and create custom articles. And, oh, so easy!

Fundraising +: Contact forms are built-in so you can easily gather sign up information for potential volunteers or others trying to reach your campaign. Fundraising is seamlessly integrated with a donation link and page.

Easy: We can't say it enough. It's incredibly easy. Really.

is packed with everything a campaign needs to reach voters quickly and economically. Keeping you in control.

• No coding required
• No tinkering with templates
• No glitchy drag-drop system

All you do is answer a few form questions. Easy.

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No easier way to create a beautiful campaign website than by using VoterMaker. Simply add the text and images to the entry fields, and voilá, a website is done.

It's really that easy.


Getting your campaign website up and running is fast. Add a few words about how awesome your campaign is, upload a pic or 2, and click the ON button.

It's really that fast.


Your campaign website is complete with several pages including a home page, candidates' page, media page, and more. Plus quick email and volunteer signups.

Oh, and  fundraising too!


Get setup with campaign fundraising through VoterMaker, then easily turn on fundraising through your free website, and start collecting donations!

Free easy-share unique fundraising domain too.


Built-in analytics and tracking tools let you know exactly how many people are visiting your website, so you'll always know if your outreach is effective.

No setup experience required, it just works.


Visitors to your website can easily provide your campaign their email or signup to volunteer, then all this data is easily viewable and downloadable.

Maximize your signups and build your team.


Don't even have to spend money on a domain name since VoterMaker gives you the option to use a free subdomain, truly giving you fast and free websites.

We said free, we meant it.


Incorporate your website and fundraising links into your text campaigns for easy and fast message delivery and fundraising campaigns.

VoterMaker is a complete message delivery package.


VoterMaker is a complete solution for your voter database management, message delivery (texting, robocalling, canvassing, calling), analytics, VBM outreach and follow through, and so much more.

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VoterMaker is already the most comprehensive campaign management and voter connection powerhouse on the planet.

What is VoterMaker?

A comprehensive solution for effective voter data management, campaign organization, messaging voters and effective delivery of messages through text messages, phone calls, literature drops (canvassing), robocalls and more. Successful elections have powerful, connective MESSAGING, combined with effective, comprehensive DELIVERY. VoterMaker facilitates the message delivery process, organizes your campaign, includes powerful data analytics, and provides  the thorough and successful tools every campaign needs to reach the voters – and win!

"You now have the tools to win with VoterMaker. So what are you waiting for?"

Jesse O. Kurtz

Atlantic City Councilman

The tools to win.

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People across the political spectrum are recognizing that absentee voting can lead to higher turnouts and more successful election outcomes.

"Number one, we have to have vote-by-mail. Vote-by-mail exists in every single state already (as absentee voting). We simply have to scale it so that every state can execute it at the level necessary for a country in crisis, and that is doable."


"Our path forward is to master the Democrats' own game of harvesting ballots in every state we can. But that also means we need to start laying the foundation for victory RIGHT NOW."


"Early and absentee voting are here to stay. We need to play the same game and turn out the maximum number of votes. The left does it, and we don't"


No matter whether you're a Republican or Democrat candidate, VBM can be a game changer. Only VoterMaker gives you the tools to send auto-propagated VBM applications to your voters.

Innovative solutions.

VoterMaker is ready to provide your campaign the winning tools it needs to win.