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• Texting: MMS, SMS & AI texting

• Robocalls: Mass-deliver calls fast

• Walk-lists: Canvass Compass™ optimized for speed

• Call banking: Auto voicemail drop & surveys

• Mail drop: Sort & organize targeted address lists

• Events: Invite, collect fees & generate QR tickets

• Yard Signs: Manage and track yard signs with SignAtlas™

• Fundraise: Easy & fast approval

• Website: EZ Up™ Web, fast fully functional webpage

• Data analytics: Automatic powerful analytics

And much more!

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Voter data

Reliable voter data is the bedrock of any successful political campaign. Get voter data now. Easy, fast and economical.

VoterMaker is already the most comprehensive campaign management and voter connection powerhouse on the planet.

Watch VoterMaker Founder & CEO Filipe Pedroso's interview on the Dan Cirucci Podcast braodcast live on January 30, 2024.

What is VoterMaker?

A revolutionary software for political campaigns to manage voter data, view real-time data analytics, fundraise, operate a free website, and handle all voter communications with effective message delivery through text messages, phone calls, literature drops (canvassing), robocalls, and more.

Successful elections are driven by powerful, connective messaging combined with an effective and comprehensive delivery system. VoterMaker streamlines the message delivery process, provides you with tools to raise much-needed funds, manages your events, delivers event tickets, and organizes your campaign.

VoterMaker provides political campaigns the tools to win elections.

"You now have the tools to win with VoterMaker. So what are you waiting for?"

Jesse O. Kurtz

Atlantic City Councilman

The future is here.

AI IntelliText™

The campaign tools to win elections.

Get started with all the features you need to reach voters effectively, economically and efficiently.

is packed with everything a campaign needs to reach voters quickly and economically. Keeping you in control.


VOTERMAKER provides powerful analytics data so you see in real-time the campaign's reach, volunteers' statistics, and voter sentiment. It's an amazing tool to keep you in the driver's seat.


VOTERMAKER has proprietary tools to help you increase your vote-by-mail universe. Using VOTERMAKER's auto-generated vote-by-mail applications, you can send the voters of your choice vote-by-mail form they simply need to sign. These tools are available to your canvassing and call bank team, can be sent by text message, and more.

Lit Drop 2.0

VOTERMAKER has innovated lit drop methods for maximum efficiency and optimization. Your team will love using the VOTERMAKER software, and you'll get real-time data.

Optimized Routes

Time is votes. VOTERMAKER gives you the ability to provide your canvass teams with routes optimized for least amount of time between doors, so they can get to more voters in less time. Door knockers simply see one address at a time, with directions, so getting to each door is effortless and FAST.

Email Connex Max™

VOTERMAKER provides you the tools to send mass emails to your voter universe. Easily connect with your database emails and send emails whenever you want.

Fast SMS GenSoft™

SMS messages are simple and inexpensive. After your voter database is uploaded, or purchased from VoterMaker, the VOTERMAKER software can be used to send fast SMS messages to your entire demographics or selective audience.

Beautiful & quick MMS

MMS messages can be longer and include several images to capture your voter audience and effectively deliver your message – quickly and easily. VOTERMAKER givers you the ability to send bulk MMS messages fast and easily.

Direct Text 1-to-1

Voters can reply to your bulk MMS messages and your team can reply to individual voters, truly engaged in personal 1-to-1 conversation. VOTERMAKER gives you the tools to send a text message to one voter or all your voters, and have back-and-forth dialogue.

"Robo" calls

"Robo" calls with a message you control, at the time you want, and delivered to the audience you decide, can be easily managed with VOTERMAKER. Easy, fast, and targeted message delivery.

Call Banking Reinvented

Your volunteers don't need to meet up in a phone bank room to make calls for your campaign using VOTERMAKER. Anyone can call, using the narrative script you upload, and reach your voters from the comfort of their home. More calls = More Get-Out-The-Vote. Convenience means that more volunteers are willing to help.

Link™ team to voters

VOTERMAKER's unique Link™ feature provides a way for your volunteers to identify voters that they personally know. Then use VOTERMAKER to send out messages and endorsements from fellow residents to your voters – a powerfully effective message from a fellow resident asking for their support for your campaign.

More cell numbers – instantly

Use VOTERMAKER's Cell Finder™ feature to increase your cell numbers instantly so that you can reach more voters by economical text messaging. Only VOTERMAKER provides Cell Finder™, a proprietary system so you can maximize your text campaigns. More people reached nets more votes.

Manage the Team

Manage the volunteer Team easily and efficiently with VOTERMAKER. Create new users to access VOTERMAKER, and assign them your lit-drop lists or call lists easily and quickly. They simply log-in and go. You make it easy for the volunteers, and, in return, they outperform anything you've ever seen before. Plus - you get the data of their activity and performance in real-time.

Data You Control

You can use your own custom database with VOTERMAKER or purchase one from us. Either way, VOTERMAKER provides you the tools you need to manage your voter database. Identify key demographics or social issues, create various target audiences for lit-drop, calls, robocalls, messaging, and more. And you remain in control - or have us manage the lists for better targeting and results.


Stop relying on outdated voter scores that focus on election turnout, and start using VOTERMAKER's ScoreMaker™. Now you can truly surgically target voters based on dozens of other factors in addition to voting history. In seconds, calculate and re-calculate a voter score for all voters, using the matrices that truly matter to determine a winning formula.

"VoterMaker is a game changer. Its powerful data management tools give us the ability to see the overall campaign in ways never before possible. It's amazing how we can connect with a voter using text messages for not only quick delivery of a needed message, but the back-and-forth personal engagement is impressive. The icing on the cake is VoterMaker's ability to send a totally complete, personalized, and ready to sign vote-by-mail ballot to all our voters – increasing turnout and impacting results. I highly recommend all campaigns that are looking for an edge to check out VoterMaker."

Tim Howes

Chairman, Somerset County Republican Organization

"I highly recommend VoterMaker. There's no better way to reach the voter – and no cheaper method! VoterMaker provides the means for a campaign to organize, manage and send messages directly to the voter for pennies versus the more expensive, traditional methods of mail delivery and advertising. It's all in your control, and incredibly easy to do. Everything you need to manage your voter data is built right into VoterMaker. I can't say it enough, this VoterMaker is a must for any modern campaign looking to streamline expenses while maximizing their voter-touches."

Erik Peterson

NJ State Assemblyman


People across the political spectrum are recognizing that absentee voting can lead to higher turnouts and more successful election outcomes.

"Number one, we have to have vote-by-mail. Vote-by-mail exists in every single state already (as absentee voting). We simply have to scale it so that every state can execute it at the level necessary for a country in crisis, and that is doable."


"Our path forward is to master the Democrats' own game of harvesting ballots in every state we can. But that also means we need to start laying the foundation for victory RIGHT NOW."


"Early and absentee voting are here to stay. We need to play the same game and turn out the maximum number of votes. The left does it, and we don't"


No matter whether you're a Republican or Democrat candidate, VBM can be a game changer. Only VoterMaker gives you the tools to send auto-propagated VBM applications to your voters.

VoterMaker is already the most comprehensive campaign management and voter connection powerhouse on the planet.

Free, fast & easy website

Create a beautiful and fully functional website in minutes... and for FREE! Simply fill out a few fields with your campaign info and candidates' bios, and you'll have an amazing website up and running in no time.

Get volunteer signups & build a supporters' database

With the built-in signup forms, you can instantly start getting much-needed volunteers to signup to your campaign. And the quick email signup makes it easy for anyone browsing your campaign site to signup for more info, your newsletter, or future events.

Start fundraising today!

VoterMaker makes it incredibly easy for your campaign to start accepting electronic donations. The website can have fundraising incorporated into the site experience, and you also get a custom fundraising link to use in text messaging, emails, and however you want.

Events have never been better!

Full event manager features allow you to create guest lists, invite guests, track their clicks and RSVPs, collect donations, generate tickets, see who attended, collect guests' info, track donations, and manage guest data with full integration and analytics.

QR scanning, easy and fast.

No extra equipment needed to scan guests' event tickets. Use any smartphone or tablet, and easily, quickly and professionally handle the check-in process like a pro. For free.

Innovative Solutions.

VoterMaker is ready to provide your campaign the winning tools it needs to win.